05 January 2013

Touch Monitor Kit

In what ever little time I get these days, I have been working on a 'card board' mock up of the pit. The idea being, to get a hang of sizes of various panels I will need to fabricate, and to identify cabling requirements for the I/O boards. Shall post pictures of the mock up pit in my next post.

Had originally decided to use my 24" monitor as the primary display to run my L/R DDIs, UFCP and also the MPCD.

While working on the mock up pit, I realized that 24" monitor doesn't have adequate real estate to accommodate all four instrument panels. 

So decided to order myself another 8" touch panel along with touch screen to fabricate the UFCP (Up Front Control Panel). 

Instead of purchasing a ready-made monitor, I also decided to purchase a 'kit'. A kit will provide me with flexibility to fabricate my own UFCP.

The 'kit' arrived a couple of days back.

Boxed kit as it arrived
During the ordering process, I had indicated to the vendor that I need this kit in a little hurry. He made sure the complete postal department understood the need for V(ery).V(ery).Most Urgent need.

Opening the box

I had ordered a 'power adaptor' separately, I see that they have remembered to pack it along

Unpacking the 'board'

'USB Touch Controller' board on the left side and touch monitor packed on the right side

A close up shot, to document any damages during transit. The 'stand-by' micro-switch button is damaged. But, it's nothing that I can't fix myself

Driver CD is enclosed, also

 USB touch controller board

Complete assembly. The 'ribbon' cables are notoriously fickle and need to be handled VERY carefully, lest they get damaged. VGA display connector (blue) is visible in the left-centre of the display controller board.

 Haven't had the time to test the assembly yet. Other than the damaged micro-switch, rest of the 'kit' looks in good shape. I don't need those display controls for my pit, but, if they are ever needed, I will be able to replace/repair this microswitch myself. 

The size of the monitor is just about correct to make a 'handsome' UFCP. 

I'm now excited to rig this up. 

If only I can get a little more time on my hand.


  1. Anxious to hear about the touch pad, I am also looking into the Leap Motion Technology . . .

  2. Will post details when I test this out Serdyfsx12.
    Sometimes back, I had purchased a couple of 'touch panels' and had tested them out.

    This kit, has a monitor slapped along with the touch panel. Since, I have already dealt with the touch panels before, I am not in a big hurry to test this one out.

    Will keep all of you informed, how things pan out.

  3. Though the rest is all greek to me, I did understand the "V.V.Most Urgent".
    With so much stuff arriving virtually everyday, I am most curious to see the final product when it is all put together (I hope that sounds intelligent!!!)