13 December 2012

Unpacking the Warthog

The Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog arrived today.

The package as received

Outer wrapping paper removed. 
The 'core' is packed very nicely in 'big bubble' bubble packing paper

Bubble wrapping paper removed.
Outer box of the Warthog. 
The box is labeled for delivery in India, of a product manufactured in China, sold to me by a US company. 

The 'Inner Box'
I'm already excited.

Two inner boxes containing the throttle and stick

Inner cartons unpacked

Unpacking the 'Stick' carton

Opening the 'Throttle Carton'

The throttle thermocole-foam packing is damaged 
(I repaired the damage with transparent scotch tape before repacking the throttle)

Throttle unpacked and unwrapped.
The build quality is stupendous. Feel of buttons is just 'awesome'.
Driving the Hornet on boat is going to be fun. I know that already.

Hotas Warthog

The 'Stick' unpacked but not unwrapped. 
I am going to leave unwrapping to when I install the stick in my pit. 
For the time being, my Saitek X-52 Pro will stay on duty.

More images, just so that I remember to repack the stick when I will have to move house, which I inevitably will have to. Soon.

Measuring dimensions for cutouts in the pit panels.


  1. LUCKY! I might get it, not sure. How does the stick and throttle feel? Can you please give me the link of the site you purchased it from please.

    1. Where did you get to pick up a name like that :)

      The HOTAS was available from 'flipkart', 'Bitfang' and a few other Indian sites. There was also an option to purchase it through 20north.

      I chose Bitfang. Link to this website (and all other website I have used) is posted in the "Quick Reference" section of the blog.

  2. Thank you "unknown". Glad you like it.