31 August 2012

Cockpit Templates

Took a lot of work to get the 'to scale' cockpit layouts printed out. 

The cockpit layout is available in the applicable extract of NATOPs manual for the Super Bug. If these drawings are blown up by 415%, one gets a scaled drawing of the cockpit layout. 

Thank you Mark 'Wood' Stinson for sharing the drawings.

The Console Panels

The Main Instrument Panels
(I have printed out two sets of each drawing. Just in case, one of them gets blown off)

Left & Right Coaming Panels

All of Them Together


That is nice progress for today. I'm happy with the work. 

It wasn't easy getting a lab to be able to print out such large drawings, especially at where I'm staying right now.


  1. Great start Mickey..Did you happen to get the sketch up software and the pit drawings.


  2. Wood,
    I have downloaded 'SketchUp' and have gone through a few basic tutorials also.

    Is there a set of 'SketchUp' drawings also?