30 August 2012

A Beginning

As I write this blog, I have completed a little over 24 years since I was first introduced to PC based Flight Simulators. I thank my (then) college mate, Gurmeet Singh Menor, for introducing me to this wonderful hobby.

In the ensuing two decades I have had the good fortune to experiment with many flavors of Flight Simulators, but the one that I enjoyed most for longest was the Microsoft Flight Simulator series.

In my attempt to further my hobby a little further and take it to the next level, I have been considering building a home cockpit for myself for quite a while now. 

This an other pages that follow, will document a part of this process. 

There were many reasons I decided to start this blog. 

Firstly, this blog helps me to document the whole process. 

Secondly, having spent such a long time with the world wide flight simulator community, I have made many many friends, philosophers and guides. Many of these folks will be as happy as I when they read this chronicle. 

Thirdly, in my country, aviation is a niche commodity. Virtual aviation is practically non-existent. Doing what I'm attempting to do. Well, I know of only two more people who undertook something like this. I do hope the research, tips and tricks I eventually document here, could provide a ready made guide for other hobbyists to use.

Happy landings.

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