18 September 2012

Connecting it all Up

I had considered three options to wire up my pit.
I have decided to use Leo Bodnar's boards. 

During initial stages, I had planned to use three BU0836X controllers. But, this was when I had decided to build the DDI's myself (The two DDIs and MPCD itself will require 60 switches).

I have since revisited this decision and have decided to purchase Thrustmaster Cougar MFD Pack. So, have ordered one each of BU0836X controller and BBI-32 Button Box Interface. Since, this is an international order, I expect it to take about 3-4 weeks for the item to eventually reach me.

BU0836X Controller

BBI-32 Button Box Interface

While I wait for these items to ship, I plan to start work on designing the pit panels with wood/sheet metal. 


  1. Lots of luck with Bodner answering any of you emails. He has a BIG problem with answering questions regarding his products

  2. Dear Anon @ 06:49PM,

    I hear you. Totally.

    Have read a lot about Leo Bodnar NOT replying to his email at all/or after a long long time.

    Before, I made my decision to purchase his boards, I had shot an email to Leo, and never heard from him. However, during the purchase of this item, I had to shoot him an email due to some paypal related issues, and he responded in less than 24 hours.

    There is so much posted on various forums about Leo NOT responding to 'support' requests. My decision to purchase his boards was never based on the kind of support I expect from Leo, but due to the type of support that the whole "Community" provides.

    The good part about this hobby is that every one is so willing to extend whatever help they can. When I chose these boards, I was counting on the help from this community.

    My boards are expected to reach me in the next week and I will post if I face any issues.

    Thank you for your response anyways.