16 September 2012

Display Setup

The 'display' arrangement I decide for my pit is one of the most significant 'build decision' due to following reasons:-

  • About all parts that go on to augment this part of the 'pit' will make a 'significant' contribution to the overall cost of the pit.
  • Not all parts of the 'display system' are easily available in India. May have to source quite a few parts through import, thus adding to costs and time delays.

Have given a lot of thought to the type & kind of display setup I need for my pit. 

This is what I was working with:-

  • There are three DDIs (LDDI, RDDI, UFCP and the MPCD) on the Rhino. So, I need four 8"/10" monitors for these displays. 
  • Additionally, I need atleast one monitor for my primary 'outside cockpit' display. I would also like to have atleast one more monitor to run additional add-on's like TS3, Plan G e.t.c.
  • I'm presently running my FSX off two Samsung monitors (23" and 20").  
  • As far as possible, I would like to use my existing monitors with the new pit arrangement.

Following options are available to drive multiple displays:-

  • Add multiple display cards. (my present setup runs of a MSI nVidia GeForce GTX 260 card. This card is no longer available in market).
  • Use these cards in SLI/Crossfire.
  • Use ATI Eyefinity.
  • Use nVidia Surround.
  • Use Matrox TripleHead2Go card for multiple displays.

For the time being have settled for the following:-

Triple Monitor Stand for Primary VC Display

I was keener for a four monitor stand, but these stands are available either in three, four or six monitor setups. I have settled for a three monitor setup. Shall order this stand this week and hope for it to arrive in the coming couple of weeks.

TripleHead2Go Digital Edition
For a long time, I have vacillated between using ATI's Eyefinity setup and TH2G. I have finally decided to go TH2G way for two reasons:-
  • I have always been an nVidia person. Eyefinity would have required me to buy an compatible ATI card. The older 2GB 7840 is no longer available in Indian market. Wasn't sure if the newer cards would work well with my existing nVidia GTX 260. 
  • TH2G will only consume ONE display port out of my card. So, I can invest in a relatively easier to get card for driving my DDI displays.
Google guided me to two companies in India who would be willing to import this item for me. I wasn't particularly impressed while speaking to the support persons of these companies. 

It's a given that I'm going to use Matrox adaptor to drive my VC display. How I buy it from USA/UK and ship it to India is an issue I am working on?

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