30 September 2012

Items Arrived

Many of the items that I had ordered in past few weeks have arrived today.

Multi Monitor Stand (Package opened)

All Packages Opened

Multi Monitor Stand (Assembled)
Looks may be deceptive, but this beast weighs in at atleast 20 Kilos. 
It needs all that weight for stability

Cougar MFD Panels
I should have ordered another set. 

Matrox TH2G (Box)

Matrox TH2G (Box Opened)
The box comes with one DVI cable (very small length), One VGA cable (unnecessary for me) and one USB cable (for power)

BBI-32 & BU0836X Boards from Leo Bodnar

Today was a Sunday, so spent a lot of time in market survey. Checked out specifications of various types of wood available around. 

The Aluminum sheets I need for making my panels are not available in local market. Will need to order them in advance.

Am also making a list of tools I will need for all the wood work and panel cutting that is planned in the coming weeks.

I was feeling kinda guilty for not keeping my pit-box ready when all the items arrived. In hindsight, it turned out to be a good decision. The size (and weight) of the triple monitor stand will require me to make substantial changes to the design of cockpit (especially the part of pit that goes in front of instrument panel).

Also occured to me, that I forgot to order the extra monitors I will need. Have sent out queries to a few vendors around here for 2 X 23" monitors and 1 X 24" monitor. 

My existing monitor is a Samsung Syncmaster P2350 (23"). That limits my decision for expansion monitors to 2 X 23" only.
The 24" monitor will be used to drive my L/R DDIs, EFD and MPCD. Plan to use a 10" Touch Screen Monitor to drive the UFCP.

Plan to finish ordering the monitors in next few days. 

Will finalize the precise dimensions of the cockpit tub after all these monitors arrive.


  1. The pics of the Bodnar boards are very helpful. I'm going to use those with FSIUPC.

  2. That is the whole purpose of blogging everything I'm doing Henry. Glad that you found the pictures helpful.