26 September 2012

DDI Monitor Musing's!!!!

In my post here, I had hinted at the dilemma I had faced in choosing my DDI's. Eventually, (on a hunch) I had decided in favour of using Cougar DDIs.

Cougar DDI's are originally made for the F-16 (Viper) pit and are not a perfect fit for the Super-bug (F/A-15E).

There was an interesting discussion with Texasal and Tripod on VRS forums on this subject. Most of my notes below are resultant of insights provided by these gentlemen.

Internal dimensions of the Cougar MFDs are109mm (4.29")H x 109mm (4.29")W.

H = Height, W = Width (not thickness)

The 8" LCD panels (4:3 aspect ratio) measure 161mm (6.34")H x 122mm (4.80")W.

16:9 aspect ratio monitors are not recommended.

On 8" monitors some of the monitor real estate will be wasted.
On 7" monitors, I will miss out on vertical monitor space.

If I choose to make a dimensioned copy of the real F/A18E bezel, it will measure 127mm (5.0")H x 127mm (5.0") W for L/R DDIs and MPCD (approx) will measure 156mm (6.14")H x 156mm (6.14")H. 

The 8" monitors could be used (just about) if I later choose to make the real bezel myself (only for L/R DDI and not for MPCD).

A very useful "Panel Calculator Web Tool" is available here. Thank you Tripod for 'discovering' this one for us.


  1. Hi, Have you found a way for the undocked LDDI, UPC, RDDI, MCFD views to remain where they were saved at (in FF) when logging into MP ? ? ?

  2. No serdyfsx12, I haven't.
    Not yet.

    I'm given to understand that it is possible to do that with Prepar3D, but various options for FSX are at best 'experimental'.

    Texasal at VRS Forums was experimenting with some sorta panel positioning software for this job. But haven't heard from him (on this subject) in recent times.

    Will check, and definitely post how things pan out for me.

  3. I'll be looking too . . . Look forward to your build . . .