16 September 2012

Moving Slowly

The past few weeks have been a bit busy at work., leaving very little 'own time' to pursue my pit building. 

What little time I have had, I used it to further research components I need to collect for my pit.

Have researched various options to source single throw and double throw switches with in the country. I have found a few sources. Will post more info if and when I strike gold. 

Have also found atleast one vendor who supplies rotary encoders in India. Unfortunately, he is a wholesaler and is not willing to supply the small quantities I'm interested in (less than 10 rotary encoders).

The critical 'inside cockpit' items that I still miss are:-

1.  The landing gear operating lever.
2.  Hook operating lever, and the,
3.  Flaps operating lever.

I am thinking, I will probably fabricate them either using wood or sheet metal. Haven't taken a final decision yet. Let's see how things pan out?

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