29 July 2014


In the past couple of months, had to go through a change in residence. 

During the shifting, despite taking all care I could, the pit sustained minor damages. Fixed most of them.

Last week, my UFCP monitor (8") just died on me. Despite my best efforts, and getting hold of some really skillful technicians, I wasn't able to get it fixed. 

Ordered myself a new 8" TFT monitor now. 

Will have to rebuild my UFCP after the new monitor arrives. 


  1. Your UFCP mount looks good. I am thinking of doing something similar. Good luck with your new hardware.

  2. Thanks Henry.

    All the unserviceabilities really suck (:

  3. with all the layers of software and hardware, there are many points of failure unfortunately

  4. New touch panel kit along with a new 8" screen kit arrived today. Will try my level best to assemble it all over the coming weekend, phew!!!

  5. Thank you for asking Pramod.

    The old monitor had fried. Bought me a new monitor, and rigged it up. Have been flying it for a few months now.

  6. Hi Mickey, This is Shark of the CVW-3, let me know if you want to do some flying to try you pit out, just let Hawk know the easiest way to communicate, we are connected via Facebook . . . Shark

  7. Shark,

    Sent you a PM.

    Thanks for the invite mate.