27 December 2012

Arudino Outputs

Work has been hectic, past few weeks.

It's likely to stay so, for the coming couple of months.

Was compiling a list of all items that have already arrived, and items that I still need to order. Also made a list of 'back end' work I can do, before I commit myself to fabricating the cockpit 'tub' and panels.

Realized that my 24" monitor may not have enough real estate to position all four display panels (L/R DDIs, UFCP and MPCD). So, have ordered myself another 8" touch screen monitor for UFCP (that was the original idea to begin with). The monitor will be VGA driven, while touch controls will work off USB.

While all (well, most) of the pit switches will be driven off the Leo's boards, but my Arduino Leonardo is planned to drive all my cockpit annunciators. 

There's only one small problem. 

I don't know how to program micro-controller boards. Yet!
Also, as of this time, there is only guy on 'my cockpit.org' who has ever written a code to interface an Arduino board with FSUIPC.

Glen Tripod (VRS Forums) from down under has written a beautiful compilation of LUA scripts (both input and output scripts). These scripts are a dream for any pit builder. But, these scripts are useless on my Arduino board, due to lack of an interface between sketch and FSUIPC.

Been talking to Tri about this for last two days, and he has agree to help me through this.

Wrote my first Arduino Sketch today (light up Pin 13 with pre set delay). It worked.

Tri has sent me a 'test LUA script' to experiment with the serial interface. Learning the ropes with working with LUA and FSUIPC and Sketch at the same time.

For a person who has NEVER written a single line of code in his life, this is nerve wrecking, frustrating, but fun and exhilarating at the same time.

Loving my new hobby, more and more everyday.

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