18 March 2014

Jettison Station Select Panel

Here's an update on the making of Jettison Station Select Panel/Landing Gear & Flaps Indicator Panel.

Over the last few weeks, had to go through quite a few iterations to find a design solution that I could 'rig up' at home. Finally settled on the one that works. Just about, but still. 

This panel was completed a few weeks back, but I wasn't able to break free to update the blog.

Taking the measurements
I have decided to work with 2mm MDF board for all my 'fine' detailing work.

Making the Buttons
Hacked a keyboard to pull out the buttons. They provide a nice tactile feel
Stuck up the buttons using "M-Seal" plastic sealant

Rear View of the button framework
The tactile micro-switches for each of the seven jettison stations

The 'Outer Casing' of the panel
The holes in the back plate accommodate the LEDs
In the final version, they were hot-glued into place.

For the time being
I broke it up and did it up all again
Many times
Wasn't happy with the feel of the button press in the initial iterations

I do not have independent pictures of the final version of the panel, since I mounted it to the dash, before I could take any more pictures. 

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