30 April 2013

Tripod's SuperScript Ver 2.00

Tripod has been burning a lot of midnight oil, just to get the SuperScript Ver 2.00 up and running. Ver 2.00 of the script is now 'event driven' and is supposedly more efficient script. 

Over the last couple of weeks, was beta testing a developmental script for Tripod. The script is appropriately called as 'SuperCartridge' is intended to add a 'Data Cartridge' functionality to the Super-Bug. Al Rosenberg, as always, is the technical expert on the correctness of scripts compliance with real world procedures. My job was primarily to test the script and just see if my computer doesn't blow up. The SuperCartridge is coming along very nicely, and when complete this is going to considerably add to the overall F/A-18E experience. 

 Yesterday night, Tripod sent me an advance copy of SuperScript Ver 2.00. Spent a large part of yesterday night looking at the documentation. This version provides a single point interface for both input and output functions. 

Even though, this was the first time, I was looking at the documentation Tripod has created, I instinctively knew, this script is a 'winner'. I knew, I'm going to use it for all my 'input' functions. I don't even feel the need to test it. Having looked at this documentation, I know it will work.

My only concern now remains, configuration of flight sim outputs, to drive my LEDs.

While Tripod's script also provides output functionality, but, it's primarily coded in LUA. I have already committed myself to using output boards from Phidget, and these boards do not directly interface with LUA. They do however interface with FSUIPC. 

Need to find a little more time, and learn how to mate Tripod's script with my boards using FSUIPC.

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