30 April 2013

Uchi has a cat, ohh (B)Rat

My Phidget LED 64 - Advanced board had arrived a couple of days back.

As I indicated elsewhere, configuring my 'inputs' is now, no longer a concern for me. There are multiple options already available, and with Tripod's SuperScript Ver 2.00 almost on its final iteration, mostly, I'm going to use that tool for all input functions. 

Did a little testing with my Phidget board today.

Unpacked the board, and powered it up. Connected two green LEDs on Pin 0 & 1. And fired up the Phidget configuration utility. The utility detected the board immediately. Configured the LED voltages and current values and voila, the LEDs lit up bright and shiny. 

Fired up the FS2Phidgets utility developed by Alan from "MyCockpit.Org".

While FS2P detects my board correctly, but, despite spending many hours trying to debug, I'm not able to configure the board. The LEDs therefore continue to glow unencumbered by my efforts.

I now know what I need to do for next few days.

Read. A lot.

..and fix this (B)rat.

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