20 April 2014

Random Pictures

Learning how to Solder
Making my own 24 pin connectors

Making a PCB with 4 push button tactile switches

Making a 'harness' for 40 light annunciators on the Main Instrument Panel

Rear view of the Main Instrument Panel
All digital inputs of one BBI-32 board are completely used up by the MPCD. There are no analog inputs on the BBI-32. The BU-0836X board (shown unconnected in this picture) has since been connected to the remaining digital/analog inputs on the MIP.  

Front View of partly finished Main Instrument Panel. 
Since this picture, the EFD has been completed. The UFCP has already been completed, as a separate "Strap On" module. The UFCP has it's own dedicated micro-controller built in (a Teensey 2.0++), so it doesn't need any interface with the MIP except get mounted here.

The 'Selective Jettison Panel' visible in bottom left of the picture, is a custom design. I have used 2mm thick MDF for all fabrication. LEDs and tactile switches are built in. Due to my choice of materials, the panel is about twice as large as the actual panel. It's totally functional. But, this is going to the first part that I will fabricate in metal, when I learn CNC routers/lathe work.

Re-designed Left/Right Lower Instrument Panels. 
I have used a different material this time around. The back panel is 5mm perspex, instead of 12.5mm perspex used earlier. The facia is now laser printed on special canvas. I had earlier printed it on a laminated photo paper, and wasn't very happy with the surface finish. This material also provides very pleasant back lighting capability. 


  1. Man, don't know how I missed this couple of posts. They are some of the best yet. The project is really maturing and looking good.

  2. Probably because I didn't parallel post them on the Facebook group, :)

    It's all good Henry.

    Seeing the quality of some of the stuff that folks at 'Hornet Pit Forums' are doing, I am actually hesitant to make any detailed posts anymore.

    Like I said in my last post, right now I'm concentrating on getting this pit ready to fly. Will work on making it more 'professional' in the Mk-2 version of the pit.

    Anyways, thanks for visiting.

  3. would love to see in action as well. I'm getting close to returning to work on my project. keep the posts coming!