28 November 2012

Touch Panels still "touchy"

Had a little time on my hand today, so tested out both my touch panels today. 

A detailed discussion on various causes of the malfunction is under progress on VRS forums. 

I thank Glenn "Tripod" for all the help, support and guidance. 

I also thank Al 'Otto' Rosenberg for his unsolicited offer of assistance. That was a very nice gesture from my FSX 'Guru'.

For the sake of brevity, I will cut the long story short.

Tripod was convinced that the problem on my 'test rig' is related to USB bus being underpowered. I tended to agree with him and have therefore already ordered a 'Belkin 7 port powered USB hub'.

Since, the powered USB hub will take a week to arrive, I decided to test out BOTH the touch panels simultaneously.

Connected my 21" monitor to the 3 X 23" monitor test rig, setup both the touch panels (one by one individually).
Windows detected both the panels, the controlling software also installed without any hitch.

Ran some tests on both the panels, including calibrating the panels (4 point calibration and 26 point linear calibration). All tests worked nicely. 

To rule out 'USB power issues', I ran the panels while connected to the USB port in front of the computer, then in the rear of computer and then also through a unpowered USB hub. They work quite fine when connected to any USB port.

For the sake of test, I then removed the extra 21" monitor. And as expected, the driver failed to initialize.

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