25 November 2012

"Touched Panel"

Fixed the touch panel.

Tripod (from VRS Forums) provided me with extensive checklist to systematically debug this issue.

I chose the easiest and most likely problem resolution, and installed the 10.1" touch panel on my 15.1" monitor laptop (Dell XPS M1530).

The panel worked like a charm. I was able to calibrate the panel (4 point calibration and 25 point linear calibration) and it did everything that was advertised. The sensitivity of the panel is still a bit buggy, but that is something I will be able to tweak, as I dig deeper. 

Like I had originally suspected, the problem is most likely due to 'Virtual Display Adaptor' installed by Triple Head 2 Go for my 3 screen test setup. The virtual display adaptor combines the individual resolutions of all of my three monitors to provide one single monitor of 3 x 1920 x 1080 = 5670 x 1080 resolution. Most likely the driver for touch controller is not able to 'handle' such a large resolution and quits on me.

When I connect the other single monitors to my test setup, I am now confident that my touch panel should work. 

Thank you Tripod, for the leads you provided.

I'm happy that the panel now works.

On a secondary note, the vendor from whom I had purchased my multi-monitor stand, has fabricated a set of extension plates. Received those extension plates today. Will assemble the stand later in the day and test.

Adaptor for multi-monitor stand - for me to be able to accommodate 3 x 23" screens on the stand

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