11 November 2012

Small Setback

Faced a small setback. 

I had ordered two touch panels (10.1" to fabricate the UFCP and 8.1" for the MPCD; both using my primary 24" monitor as a display). The panels arrived a couple of days back.

When I unpacked the shipping carton, the 8.1" panel was damaged (the connector had come loose from its glass panel). Folks also forgot to pack in the driver CD. Spent the last two days, trying to make the 10.1" panel work. But without correct drivers, my Windows 7 doesn't recognize it correctly. 

Have finally shipped both the panels back to the shipping company for a replacement. 

Also, as I got into making a 'test rig', I noticed that the 'Multi-Monitor Stand' I had ordered, isn't capable of supporting three 23" monitors. The item that got shipped to me was slightly different from the one I had originally ordered. Due to my excitement, I forgot to check this when I unpacked the stand. Discovered this 'issue' only when I started to assemble all my monitors today. 

Spoke with the company which assembles these stands in India. My bad luck that the product which supports 23" monitors is presently out  of stock and not likely to be available for atleast another month. However, the folks out there were very helpful and have agreed to fabricate an 'extender attachment'. They have promised to fabricate this attachment as soon as practical and ship it across.

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