09 December 2013

Pit Tub Build Commences

It's been a long time since I have been collecting parts, and generally preparing to start my pit build. 

Starting today, I have finally called out 'Commencing'!

I had already printed out cockpit drawings from the layout that Wood had sent to me, almost an year back. But, now that I had started to work, I realised that those drawings related to the F/A18-A version, and I had needed drawings for the "E" version. 

So, printed out the drawings from NATOPS document and pasted the A4 sheets to make one large cut-out.

406% Expanded Printout of Cockpit Layout from NATOPS Manual 
Mock Layout of Left/Right Consoles with Cardboard
The Raw Material
The Raw Material - (Continued)
Get set and Go....

Ejection Seat Side Boards

Bottom Chasis of Ejection Seat
Have built my Ejection Seat around a used car seat.
Advantage - I get to move my seat front/back based on need
The Front Frame
A triple monitor stand will come on top.
A 24" monitor will be mounted on front.
The Rudder Pedals will come underneath.
The Computer will be placed behind the frame.

Testing how it all comes together.
I am thinking, it should work?
My dog wanted to be the first to 'Pilot'.
I'll be damned if I let him!
Am pleased with the progress I was able to make between yesterday and today. 

Bit stuck up due certain commitments for next two days. Will recommence in two days from now. Hoping to get the basic woodwork (including primer/painting) done by Weekend. Will start with wiring up the panels next week. 

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