13 December 2013

Side Boards

Making the side boards to accommodate the Left & Right Consoles....
Measuring, Cutting, Reinforcing & Experimenting
The "Window" is designed to provide space for a "Inspection Panel" for working under the Console. The Top Centre horizontal stiffener was a last minute decision. It is necessary to support the inspection panel door. The Bottom Centre stiffener will support the Left Console on one side. The 'Wall' was't planned originally, but was added as an after thought, as I got working.
Taking Shape
Thanks to 'Uchi' who had provided an interesting 'lesson learnt' to cater for additional space to accommodate the HOTAS Warthog Throttle Assembly. I made sure that the whole of left console assembly was designed around the throttle assembly. 
The structure of Right Console is also ready (Visible in top right corner of picture).
Started work on making the front sloping shape of the consoles.
Was feeling a little lazy after lunch, so took the time to coat the Left Console with initial coat of wood primer.
The "Stick" Box
Having looked at the way others have gone around with mounting the HOTAS Stick, I decided on a slightly different method. I was a little tired to take detailed construction pictures, but the vertical box just 'sits' on the horizontal support platform on a reinforcing bulwark inside. I will just screw the outer box to the inner bulwark tomorrow. This arrangement will enable me to be able to dismantle this arrangement for quick shipping (which is/was one of the original design criteria for my pit).
Stick Mount
Dismantled the metal base plate from my Warthog stick, and mounted it on the 0.5" wooden base plate, which in turn will bolt onto the 'Stick Box'. I thought, I had it all figured out while making my purchases. But, during assembly, the stick mounting screws came out a tad longer than I had anticipated. It was late at night, and I didn't have patience to wait another day to purchase replacement screws. So, improvised "washers" with pieces cut from 6mm thick plywood. Even I'm surprised how well this has turned out.

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  1. Finally got to sit down and look at the pictures. Really liking the high sides of the pit.