19 December 2013

UFCP - Part One

Started to fabricate my UFCP today. 

Initially, I hadn't anticipated that this is going to eat up so much of my time. After a couple of hours, I was still taking measurements and designing the shape, and counters, or the outer box. 

Eventually, I gave up the idea to work with wood/sheet metal directly. I will first experiment with a cardboard outer box, cut to correct dimensions. It's best to learn lessons from any mistakes on cardboard, before I proceed with a permanent fixture. 

I can already anticipate that, there will need to be 'slight' changes compared to the shape of the 'real one'. When viewed from side, the real UFCP has a taper from top to bottom. Also, the touch screen is inclined slightly downwards. For my pit, due to the type of touch screen I'm fabricating, I'm thinking, I will have to tilt it slightly upwards, if not keep it perfectly vertical. Let's see how it goes.

All the items I need to fabricate the UFCP. 

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