15 December 2013

Sidewall Height Issue

Few friends, through PM/Chat have queried me, if the 'sidewalls of the pit aren't a shade too high'.

I thought I had checked the height out, before putting the blade to wood, but having more than one person raise this query, put me in a little doubt.

The base of the console's is 1 feet (12") from floor and top of the sidewall is 2.4 feet (30") from floor level. When seated on teh mock ejection seat of the pit, my shoulders jut out about 7" above the sidewalls. 

I had based my decision on sidewall height, based on a few pictures I had seen online (since I didn't have the precise dimensions with me).

So, it looks correct, when viewed from this perspective....

Or, this perspective...

But, NOT from this perspective...

I think, the open canopy in last picture takes away a few more inches from the sidewall height.....bummer.

I think I will complete the first version of the pit, and see how it goes.

Increasing the height would have posed a problem. Reducing it will only add a little more work.

Images courtesy of following webpages-

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